1+1=3 – With the Three Lines of Defence
Towards an Integrated GRC

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What you can expect …

  • How can the different management functions work together efficiently?
  • How can the “Three Lines of Defence” model serve as the foundation for integration of GRC functions?

  • How can operational requirements be met even more effectively?

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The governance, risk & compliance (GRC) system of an organization undoubtedly plays an integral part in its corporate governance. Different management disciplines such as risk management, compliance management, internal control system, security management, data protection or emergency and crisis management, all serve to protect the company from various threats and risks, as well as ensure the organizations continued existence.

For that reason, both the technical and the organizational design of these disciplines play a crucial role, in terms of how effectively and efficiently different company and management tasks are being executed.

The Three Lines of Defence


In our series of articles, you will learn in 6 parts
how to successfully make the transition to an integrated GRC.

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