The latest major version upgrade of our Governance, Risk & Compliance suite – the revolutionary GRC 3.0 – is out now! Designed with the end user in mind, this all-in-one GRC version encompasses numerous new features and enhancements to make aligning your initiatives to business goals and staying on top of risks and controls easier than ever before! Scroll down to discover all the cutting-edge innovations coming with this latest release. Enjoy!


Your initiatives’ one-stop shop

All company assets, human resources, technology – you name it – can be affected by risks of all kinds. To prepare for these risks and prevent their occurrence, it is necessary to plan and establish suitable initiatives at an early stage. The latest version of our GRC suite brings exactly the right functionality, to not only properly organize such initiatives – from planning, to set up and start – but also to continuously monitor and control their effectiveness. What is particularly special about it, is the underlying workflow, making the implementation of such initiatives a breeze! All you need to do, is take care of filling in the necessary information – required roles, assigned resources, affected assets, etc. – and decide about the set-up for status reporting and test of effectiveness. Our GRC suite then takes care of the rest, triggering notifications and requesting deliverables automatically, so that your team and colleagues can easily work together and always stay up to date. This way you can rest assured that your initiatives are implemented in the most effective and above all efficient manner.

Easily mitigate risks, implement new controls
and act on audit findings

Effortlessly plan, set up
and execute your initiatives

Monitor and control all your initiatives
in just a couple of clicks


Browse through some of our other favourites from this latest release, and see how they play their role in contributing to what GRC is today.


A picture’s worth a thousand words

In the GRC jungle, it is important to keep track and have a good overview of your risks, especially the ones that are really crucial for you. Since most risks are not managed on an individual basis, but rather grouped and categorized, there are nearly endless ways and possibilities of looking into them and analysing them. As it’s almost impossible for an operation to intimately know and look into the details of every single one of those risks, there’s a need for a smart way to provide a good overview and inform users on an aggregated risk state. Luckily, GRC 3.0 has your back and helps transform this wishful thinking into a reality, by introducing a new Risk Aggregation feature that makes risk gathering as easy as 1,2,3! This new feature facilitates aggregation of the value at risk (based on impact, likelihood and detection) to summarize the current state of a specific dimension, as well as enable reporting to the required level of aggregation in a single click.

  • Gather your risks and report to the required level of aggregation with a single click

  • Enjoy the clear overview of specific risk catalogs, categories, assets or operations


Keep your eye on the ball

Everyone knows that risks are simply an inevitable part of every business. However, what sets companies apart and makes one more successful than the other, is their ability to head off, properly manage and respond to risks, once they occur. That’s why GRC 3.0 comes with a brand new Risk Portfolio feature, which does exactly that and makes identifying, assessing and responding to risks a piece of cake! The new Risk Portfolio feature offers flexible, simplistic and visually appealing analyses and reports, that help you evaluate and prioritize risks based on their severity of impact and likelihood to occur. This allows you to stay alert at all times, and not be in the dark about your most crucial risks and their respective states. That way, you are able to plan for potential risks, identify major ones and respond appropriately ahead of time.

  • Easily identify and keep track of all your crucial risks and their respective states

  • Evaluate, prioritize and tackle risks in a few clicks


What you see is what you get

It is essential for you to know which of your company’s assets are affected by risks, but even more importantly – whether or not controls for mitigating such risks are in place or actually missing. In order to allow all those consuming risk information to immediately get an insight at a glance, we have now introduced a new icon for controls, to complement the already existing risks icon, so that both – the assigned risks and implemented controls – are immediately made visible. Now, when viewing a process, model or asset of any kind, risks or controls can be easily detected and accessed via a direct link from the model. Also, this new feature enables external auditors to quickly check for the correct and consistent documentation of all risks and controls in place.

  • See the most relevant information at a glance

  • Simplify your documentation to make it easily digestible for external auditors


Exceptions prove the rule

In order to perform risk assessments and control testings, risk/control managers can rely on our automatic workflow routines to put their assets to the test on a regular basis. In order to allow for more freedom and flexibility in these workflow routines, but also to cater for important events – possibly requiring a change to the workflow routine for good, e.g. in case of sick leaves, vacations, certifications or audits – GRC 3.0 now comes with new features to support workflow replanning and improved triggering of manual workflows. This way, workflows can be easily started irregularly or ad-hoc on a need basis, thus being perfectly tailored to fit and follow your individual requirements and business needs.

  • Adjust the workflow routine according to your needs
  • Cater and plan for special or unforeseeable events


An experience worth remembering

It is our continued mission to give our all and make your encounter with GRC the bright spot of your day, by delivering a solution which is not only easy and intuitive to use, but more importantly, one that allows you to get the job done as effectively and efficiently as possible. With the drastically sped up performance, the new GRC 3.0 responds to all your commands in a flash. In addition, the way you see and consume your risk information has been optimized through various clever filters, thus allowing you to hide empty attributes and focus on the things that really matter. What’s more, our personalized user dashboards present you with customized and tailored information, that can be sorted and filtered according to your specific needs to provide a fast and direct access to relevant risks, controls, tasks, etc. in just one click! Last but certainly not least, to allow you to address and answer recurring questions in an easy and user-friendly manner, GRC 3.0 offers a set of ready-made views available to you, supporting you in your analysis and reporting activities.

  • Access your important functions quickly and easily

  • Adapt the information shown according to your preferences

  • See and focus only on the important things


Check out our selection of other nice features contributing to enhanced user experience.

GRC 3.0 offers improved and cost efficient means to migrate from our ICS service (based on ADONIS classic) to the new ADONIS NP based GRC.

Any information that is stored in GRC is documented in a transparent way, allowing to meet certain legal obligations, e.g. related to GDPR.

GRC 3.0 now supports much larger scenarios, thus providing support for both the future growth and scenario expansion, as well as information archiving and its accessibility over time.

GRC recognizes the challenges that data protection might pose, and for that reason automatically encrypts any GDPR relevant data (e.g. user names) to ensure data safety at all times.

To provide users with proper abilities to describe and classify controls, GRC 3.0 comes with additional attributes: “Control focus”, “Control escalation”, “Reporting” and “Error handling”, thus helping improve the central administration and management of control portfolios.

Although each GRC attribute has a specific value, their type and/or title sometimes isn’t immediately self-explanatory. For that reason, GRC 3.0 comes with help texts that emphasize the business purpose, in support of misleading or improper attribute descriptions.

The “my initiatives” dashboard has been improved and extended to display related assets in a dedicated column, thus allowing you to immediately know which assets could be affected by one of your initiatives.

To better structure the workflow dialogs and guide users through their tasks, GRC 3.0 now supports grouping of attributes within dialogs.

To make sure you are always up to date, GRC 3.0 has been reconfigured to sort the table history from ascending to descending, thus always displaying the latest news and developments of a risk, control or a initiative right on top.


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