The latest version upgrade of our Enterprise Architecture suite – the revolutionary ADOIT 9.1 – is out now! Created and designed with the end user in mind, this ADOIT version brings powerful and intuitive insights dashboard, print & report improvements and a mix of other valuable features and updates to deliver the most comprehensive, transparent and user-centric experience so far! Scroll down to discover all the cutting-edge innovations coming with this latest release. Enjoy!


Get full insights into your Enterprise Architecture right at your fingertips

As an organization grows and evolves over time, its enterprise architecture develops and expands with it, thus becoming continuously more complex and sophisticated. Although EA tools like ADOIT allow for a clear representation, structuring and organizing of your achitecture’s data, with ADOIT 9.1 users get an even better and more comprehensive overview of the important EA information which certainly comes in handy.

Do you know what every application in your organization is used for? What about the technologies they are based upon? Or how about the life cycle of your applications, when they’re retiring or becoming obsolete? This is exactly where our brand new dynamic Insights Dashboard comes into play – to make answering the perplexing questions like these, and many more, a thing of the past!

The innovative, state-of-the-art Insights Dashboard, allows users to gather large amounts of information on the most important EA elements with a single click!  It is a smart and cohesive one-stop-shop for all information you could possibly need on your applications or capabilities – ranging from object properties, related technologies, to life cycle information, and more.

And on top of that, the Dashboard also provides direct access to all views, reports, analyses and other references that are available for the particular element at hand. In essence, the new dynamic Insights Dashboard offers a user-friendly overview of all important EA information, that is easy to get to and even easier to understand and consume, thus requiring no previous knowledge or background information – and all of that in one convenient location, right at your fingertips!

Easily gather important EA information
with a single click

Gain valuable insights and analyse EA elements
without a need for prior ADOIT knowledge or experience

Have all relevant information in one convenient
location, easy to access, digest and consume


Check out our other favourite from this release and see how this additional feature contributes
to what the business tranformation suite ADOIT is today!


Reporting without limits

Creating and printing numerous reports is something that many of us do almost on a daily basis. Now, we have made this task even easier, through optimizing the way reporting and printing works in ADOIT 9.1, in order to ensure greater flexibility, improve the ease-of-use and create a better user experience. Because sometimes, it’s the little things that matter and make a difference in the way we think and work. ADOIT 9.1 gives you the possibility to select the size and orientation of the embedded graphics and split the graphics into several pages (as configured and stored within the process), thus giving you more freedom in choosing the representation of your graphics on paper. In addition, you can also choose between the different report types (PDF/RTF) and corporate identities, which provides more possibilities and further extends usability.

  • Enjoy greater flexibility and freedom when making and printing reports

  • Make your reports look and feel just the way you want them to


Check out our selection of other nice features contributing to ease-of-use and improved performance.

ADOIT 9.1 introduces accessibility improvements and features that have an impact on the look and feel of the tool, bringing a new login interface, colour adjustments and others.

ADOIT 9.1 comes with an enhanced API, which now enables information and values to be both pushed to and pulled from ADOIT, thus increasing the ease-of-use and convenience when working with more applications simultaneously.

ADOIT 9.1 now supports the ArchiMate Model exchange file format, thus enabling and allowing quick and easy exchange of ArchiMate models between different tools.


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