ADONIS 10.0.

An extraordinary BPM experience. Now even more so.

In ways big and small, the latest version of ADONIS makes your BPM experience even faster, smarter and more delightful. Make your search queries available for everyone. Create relations between assets in a blink. Flexibly extend the validity of your documents. And more. With refinements at every level, now your ADONIS does even more for you, so you can get more out of every click.

ADONIS 10.0 Highlights

Search Queries

Drag & Drop

Prolongation of
Document Validity

View Export



Integration & Exchange

Search Queries Publishing

Your queries. For everyone.

You asked, we listened. Based on a popular customer request, ADONIS now allows you to publish your search queries and share them with other users. Make valuable searches available for everyone and help others save time. Benefit from each others’ work. Foster a truly collaborative environment. And facilitate the circulation of process knowledge enterprise-wide.

Drag & Drop Extensions

Relations. Made easier.

With new extensions for connecting objects directly in the explorer, Drag & Drop makes it easier than ever to build relations between your BPM assets. Simply throw an object on top of another, choose a relation, and you’re done. And now you can drag & drop multiple objects or models at the same time too, considerably reducing your time and efforts for process documentation.

Prolongation of Document Validity

Think longer. We did.

They say nothing lasts forever. But your documents now can. With the new prolongation feature, you can flexibly confirm, as well as extend the validity of your released documents. And to ensure an even greater peace of mind, ADONIS will remind you once the due date’s around the corner, so you can push the expiration date further, or archive the document to replace it with a new version.

Textual View Export

From ADONIS to Excel. In a click.

From an at-a-glance overview to a step-by-step breakdown, the textual view has always been a great way to work with processes in a clean and structured manner. Now, it brings even more flexibility to your work – inside ADONIS, and out. Export your textual view to Excel, and take it to the next level. Do advanced calculations. Add macros. Share it. Or print it out. And with a matching layout to the web client, you can pick up right where you left off.

Simulation Improvements

Even closer to reality.

Simulation is a powerful way to analyse the digital twin of your organization (DTO), and get insights into how your processes would perform in the real world. And with latest updates to several simulation components, the precision of your results brings them even closer to reality. Calculate cycle times. Predict costs. Or see capacities involved. Have Simulation do all the math for you, and sum up what it all means.

Now you can set different company and employee working hours, to perfectly match the simulation parameters to your business day

When visualizing a simulation path in the graphical editor, you can now see how many times a specific step was executed, helping you to spot loops more easily

When simulating a single process, key metrics in the results summary are now illustrated with pie, instead of bar charts

To improve usability, the text fields on top of the “Simulations Paths” widget now include name tags

When displaying a path flow from the “Simulation Paths” widget in a tabular form, the model and object type icons are now displayed

The process stepper analysis now also considers non-interrupting intermediate events in addition to the regular path flow.

Usability Improvements

New ways to view. More ways to do.

Using ADONIS has always inspired great work. So, to put even more power at your fingertips we fine-tuned some of the features you use regularly, to take them to the next level. Now you can access key process information, create reports, print out models, and validate your BPM content even more easily and seamlessly than before. Because ADONIS 10.0 makes great usability even greater.

The organization portal has a new, redesigned layout to offer even smoother navigation, help you see more at a glance, and consume content effortlessly

The insights dashboards now let you open several dashboards at the same time, making it easier to compare different assets at once

To help highlight the drag & drop possibility for new users, the reporting board now displays an illustrated message upon accessing the feature

When saving model-specific print settings, ADONIS now also remembers your paper size, so you can quickly access and reuse the same settings time and time again

To enhance usability, validation for broken references was optimized and now includes a link to the references dialogue when reporting broken references

Integration & Exchange Improvements

Make some powerful new connections.

Use ADONIS for BPM, and you can do incredible things. Use ADONIS in combination with other best-of-breed apps, and you can do so much more. Because now with the latest improvements to ADONIS’ integration capabilities, everything works together even more harmoniously. From numerous REST APIs enhancements, to OAuth 2.0 bringing new ways to exchange data with other applications, making powerful new connections has never been easier.

ADONIS 10.0 brings the OAuth 2.0 industry-standard protocol for authorization, providing a a new, safer way to exchange data with other applications

ADONIS’ REST API capabilities have been further fine-tuned to offer an even smoother and safer performance. The improvements, among others, include:

  • support for OAuth as an alternative authentication method
  • fully HTML-based API documentation
  • support for reading rich text attributes
  • and more

Even More Features

You can now create different versions of your models without the release workflow by copying them, keeping the same name, but assigning a different version to the version box.

Use the new Successor value chain relation to map processes to their preceding and succeeding processes in the company value chain. And visualize the dependencies with the new graphical matrix analysis.

Using three simple parameters, ADONIS will calculate the automation potential of your processes. To show and communicate these results, use the readily available portfolio and Gantt charts.

ADONIS 10.0 introduces a new object type “Control Group”, helping you group controls, build control hierarchies and analyse your controls more precisely.

The visualization options for cross-references have been extended to include border colour change and allow “show border” for all graphical representations.

When updating a library, you can now choose whether to overwrite the library-specific component settings, or keep your modifications.

When exporting users individually, you can now include users’ model and object favourites too.

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