The new year just keeps getting better: ADONIS NP 6.0 is out now and incorporates numerous new features and capabilities to facilitate, optimize and accelerate your digital transformation! It is a step forward to a new era of innovation and simplicity. Take a moment to explore the novelties of ADONIS NP 6.0 in greater detail and discover what it can do for you and the success of your business.

  • Dynamic Business Process Simulation is subject to additional licencing

  • Dynamic Business Process Simulation is not featured in the 30-Day Free Trial


More than a prediction – A look into the future

In order for professionals and organizations to be able to develop optimal processes and achieve best practices, continuous improvement of incremental initiatives and constant innovation are imperative. And for anyone who truly wants to optimize their work processes, analysing, making a comparison and understanding the difference between the as-is and the to-be states is essential. Although a business process model can very well capture the essence of a real-world process, just modelling is sometimes simply not enough.

This is where the brand-new ADONIS NP Business Process Simulation & Optimization steps in. The predictive technology of our dynamic ADONIS NP Simulation allows you to visualize, change, slice and dice your processes and experiment on them in ways that are simply not possible in reality. That way you can test alternatives in a risk-free environment, create a detailed, accurate model of your system, before taking an actual step change and committing capital and resources. Process Simulation provides you with the tools to increase capacity, decrease costs and reduce cycle-time.

ADONIS NP Business Process Simulation & Optimization offers two separate mechanisms: The Interactive Process Stepper, and The Dynamic Business Process Simulation as an add-on module. While, the Process Simulation provides a thorough analysis and comparison of all the different process paths and outcomes, allowing bottlenecks to be identified, the Process Stepper provides you with a step-by-step approach, allowing you to follow the process flow one element after the other, to quickly understand the costs and times involved.

Get a thorough analysis and valuable information
on your business processes

Design and construct optimal processes,
increase efficiency & reduce costs

Easily identify bottlenecks
and room for improvement


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in contributing to what ADONIS NP is today.

  • Available with the Document Control licence

  • Not featured in the 30-Day Free Trial


Manage and control documents with ease

Companies typically deal with hundreds of documents such as guidelines, templates or reports that are directly or indirectly related to business processes and delivering products and services to customers. Therefore, knowing which version of a document you are looking at is really important, especially when more than one version exists, or is likely to exist in the future. This is where our Document Control Workflow comes into play, to help your organization keep track of changes and versions in the course of a multilevel review for quality assurance, prior to the release. However, this time ADONIS NP 6.0 goes a step further and brings a brand new documents dashboard, to make document validation and release easier and quicker than ever before! The new dashboard brings in more transparency, gives you a great overview of all important information at a glance , while making the review and release of documents just a few clicks away.

  • Review and release documents in a couple of clicks

  • See all important information at a glance

  • Never lose track of document changes


Keep your work safe and secure

Making sure that you stay protected when using your computer at work is not just good for you, it’s good for your business. Therefore, preserving your work’s security is certainly in everyone’s interest, especially if the work you do entails making important decisions and changes. Now, ADONIS NP 6.0 provides more protection to the release workflow users and helps ensure that edits and changes made within the workflows are always kept safe and immune to security breaches. With the new re-authentication feature, ADONIS NP can be configured to request password re-entering, when executing RWF transitions. This way, there is no need to worry that the same person who started the session is still using the computer.

  • Keep your work safe from security breaches

  • Ensure total safety when working with the release workflow

  • Comply with internal and external regulatory requirements for process control and change management


Reporting without limits

Creating and printing numerous reports is something that many of us do almost on a daily basis. Now, we have made this task even easier, through optimizing the way reporting and printing works in ADONIS NP 6.0, in order to ensure greater flexibility, improve the ease-of-use and create a better user experience. Because sometimes, it’s the little things that matter and make a difference in the way we think and work. ADONIS NP 6.0 gives you the possibility to select the size and orientation of the embedded graphics and split the graphics into several pages (as configured and stored within the model), thus giving you more freedom in choosing the representation of your graphics on paper. In addition, you can also choose between the different report types (PDF/RTF) and corporate identities, which provides more possibilities and further extends usability.

  • Enjoy greater flexibility and freedom when making and printing reports

  • Make your reports look and feel just the way you want them to


Keep it down to the essentials

When analysing BPM data, focus and clarity are key for not losing sight in the Business Process Management jungle. With ADONIS NP 6.0 you can now simply reduce the amount of information presented in the scenario widgets, by defining filter criteria of your own choice, hence allowing yourself to concentrate on what really matters and quickly find what you’re looking for. You set the tone and ADONIS NP’s clever, live filters respond in a flash!

  • Adapt the BPM content shown according to your preferences

  • Declutter, create clarity and analyse effortlessly

  • “Keep your eyes on the prize”


Embrace Simplicity and Focus

Dealing with dozens of objects and models on a daily basis can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when looking through and processing a lot of information. ADONIS NP recognizes and understands this challenge and now provides even greater readability and ease-of-use. The new property filter extension is now by default set to hide empty attributes in the object or model properties, while consuming the information in read mode. This creates a more simplistic and clear overview of the important things you need to see and use and allows you to only focus on the attributes with set values.

  • See and focus only on the important things

  • Clearly and quickly overview all relevant model and object attributes

  • Ensure better readability of your attributes


Check out our selection of other nice features contributing to ease-of-use and improved performance.

ADONIS NP 6.0 introduces accessibility improvements and features that have an impact on the look and feel of the tool, bringing a new login interface, colour adjustments and others.

Models can now be generated in the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format. This update allows for a crisp and clear image representation when printing models to PDF, creating PDF reports and generating images – regardless of the zoom level used.

In the graphical editor, you can now directly see models split with dash-lined page breaks and divided into separate pages, ready for printing.

Now, you can choose if you would like to show or hide the model type when creating new objects in the Explorer, or a reference in model or object properties. When hidden, the object type is displayed in a flat, alphabetically ordered list.

Our Knowledge Centre has been reworked and now offers a fresh look & feel, to provide even better support in your BPM journey with ADONIS NP.

Excel export function has been optimized to offer advanced visualization options. Now, when exporting different matrix views, the data which is evaluated for the custom visualization will be exported too.

You now have the possibility of searching for referenced documents by name of the physical document. In addition, sharing is also made easier and better (especially for reader users) through a new share file button, which creates a direct link to the documents in a database. Once the button is clicked, the properties of the document open and the shared file downloads automatically.

To ensure greater transparency, the model release workflow has been advanced with a possibility to add a change comment. This feature helps keep track of changes, as it allows you to record a summary of the changes you make in a model, and share them with other modellers and reviewers as well.

The Processes dashboard in the Organisation Portal has been extended to display the “Process Owner” and the “Scope” fields in separate columns . In addition to that, now you also have the option of displaying the “Process Manager”, “Valid until” and “Date of last change” columns too. Combined with the new filter options, this feature provides great flexibility when showing/filtering information.


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